For Property Owners

1. Initial Inspection of Property– An on-site inspection will be conducted by the rental agent to review the overall condition of the property. We would establish the current market rental range of your property. An overall condition report would also be given.

2. Marketing– Our company will actively solicit prospects, advertising through: Internet Sites (Realtor.cout, Zillow, Trulia, etc.), MLS. sinage, and referrals. These sources assure us a constant flow of rental prospects.

3. Qualifying Prospects & Lease Preparation– All rental prospects are PREQUALIFIED to determine their financial capabilities and rental payment history. Once a prospective is secured, our agents will contact you to discuss the terms and conditions of the proposed lease. Upon your approval, we will collect all funds, and prepare the appropriate lease documents.

4. Rent Collection & Maintenance– We collect monthly rents and handle repairs/maintenance that might occur. Rent proceeds and income statements are sent monthly.

5. Secure Tenant Only– If you are an owner who desires to manage your own property; we can offer all preliminary services (please review numbers 1-3) for a fee, then allowing you to manage your own property.

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